What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a freshwater microalgae with a very high nutritional value, so much so to be considered a complete food and capable to sustain human nutrition alone. In fact, this blue-green algae is a great source of proteins which includes all the essential amino acids, it also contains a wide range of other health promoting compounds like: B vitamins, E vitamins, beta-carotene, phycocyanin, omega-6 essential fatty acids and many minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc and especially iron.

Why is Spirulina good for you?

Spirulina has been called a superfood, in other words a nutrient-dense food especially beneficial for health and well-being. No other natural product offers anywhere near the health benefits of Spirulina, which has now become one of the most researched food by nutritionists. Here is a list of some health benefits associated with Spirulina:

– It has powerful anti-oxidant and anti- inflammatory properties
– It can lower LDL cholesterol and trigyceride levels
– It appears to have anti-cancer properties
– It reduces blood pressure
– It reduces symptoms of allergic rhinitis
– It is effective against anemia
– It improves muscle strength and endurance
– It can help regulate blood sugar levels

Does Spirulina contain iodine?

Yes, Spirulina contains about 100-140 mg of iodine per 100 g of dry product. This being said, be aware that the amount of iodine varies significantly and it depends on the salt content of the water that you are using to cultivate Spirulina with.

Is Spirulina a supplement?

No. Spirulina is not a supplement but a real food as recognized by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) which provides scientific advice on the risks associated along the food chain.

What does Spirulina taste like?

Fresh Spirulina straight out the Spirugrow has a creamy texture with no particular taste or smell, for this reason you can mix it with anything you might like to add some flavour. We already provide three different types of natural oil to enhance the taste.

Is Spirulina alkaline? And how much?

Yes, with a pH around 9-10 Spirulina helps to keep your diet alkaline.

Does Spirugrow have any certification?

Spirugrow has undergone a process of certification to test and evaluate the quality and safety standards issued by the governmental agencies existing in the countries of destination (UL; CE; FCC; etc). Bentur Srl, the manufacturer, is liable for the quality and safety of Spirugrow and has made every effort to assure a safe and reliable product. In the rare case of a manifacturing defect, a network of testing laboratories will offer a fast and effective support and make sure to fix any technical issue.

How do I power Spirugrow?

Spirugrow connects to the mains electricity supply via an appliance coupler which enable the use of standard inlets and country-specific cords (very much like a laptop charger and adapter).

How much Spirulina can I produce per day?

When Spirugrow is running 24/7 it can produce up to 20 g of fresh Spirulina per day with an electricity consumption of less than 40w per day.

How do I clean Spirugrow?

There are some components that need to be washed in running water on a daily or weekly basis, while the entire appliance needs a monthly internal washing which is performed by the machine itself. Below is the link to a video that shows how to use and clean Spirugrow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DgrZb6- U9M&t=8s

What are the dimensions of Spirugrow?

Spirugrow measures 17 inches in width and height and has a depth of 14 inches. It weighs 494 oz (empty). Below is the link to our official website where you can find all the appliance specifications and features: https://spirugrow.com

Do I need to harvest Spirulina every day?

No, you don’t need to harvest the fresh algae every day. It can be done every second or third day too, as long as you remember to filter more water (at least 1.5 L) when it’s time to collect.

What supplies do I need to keep Spirugrow going?

When you first buy Spirugrow, it will come with everything you need to start your Spirulina cultivation. Later on, in order to keep Spirugrow working and Spirulina growing, you will need to refill the machine with CO2 and nutrients on a monthly basis. CO2 canisters can be easily purchased in a number of shops on-line, Amazon included, at a price of about $ 20. As for the nutrients’ cartridge we are waiting to receive a confirmation from our supplier. The item will be available online too, we will inform you on costs and availability in less than a month time.

How much does it cost to keep Spirugrow running daily?

The running cost is less than 2$ a day.

Here below some more details:

1) Liquid SALT consumption 1 cartridge a month (12-16 €/each).

2) One CO2 tank is included, refills cost from 14 to 22 €/each, with the price varying from country to country. It is a standard aluminum refill tank, available in more than 100,000 stores worldwide. More details coming soon.

3) Solid SALT, included for the first month, is 4 €/month (year version 28 €). You can buy it from our web store that will coming soon, just after our kickstarter campaign ends.

4) STARTER of Spirulina, first one will be included. You will be able to re-purchase from Italy or from our USA or from our ASIAN sisters companies, 27 €/each.

Can I change my shipping address after a purchase?

Yes, if you move to a new address just let us know, please send an e-mail that specifies where you want your Spirugrow to be delivered.

How can I contact you?

You can email us at team@spirugrow.com

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